About Us

  As a Unique as well as socially and environmentally responsible company:
  1. All our products and components (except one) are made here in the United States.

  2. We recycle everything we possibly can - paper, plastic, components – everything.

  3. All the paper we use is made from at least 30% consumer waste, if not more in some cases.

  4. The plastic we use is polyester and is recyclable.

  5. Our markers are non-toxic. The inks have been tested by Duke University Department of Toxicology and comply with ASTM D4236, the government regulation regarding art materials.

  6. Our preassembly work is done by an organization which employs the disabled, Class Inc. of Lawrence, MA.

  7. Our company is certified by WBENC (Women’s Business Enterprise National Council). This certification allows the companies that have supplier diversity programs, get credit from the government.

  8. Our products fit the motto:

    Re-Use is the best recycling – our products are made to be used over and over again so they never get thrown into the trash

  9. Here’s what some of our customers have told us:
I was diagnosed with a pinched nerve in my neck and was placed on 5 different medications that had to be taken 2-3 times per day each, some with food and some without. The Easy Minder Weekly Medication Chart allowed me to keep excellent track of my medications...it was a life saver, without it I don't think I would have remembered which pill I took when. Thanks Easy Minder. Jerry C., Naples, FL

Tracie and I use the Handy Grocery List every week. It saves us time and money and the headache of scrambling to make a list right before we go shopping. We keep it on the fridge and have become accustomed to marking the items as we realize we need them. It is such a useful tool that we even purchased one for my mother. Marc B., Andover, MA

Last month we had a major ice storm and our power was out for 8 days. Your Handy Phone List was a great help. Having all my telephone numbers in one place really made a difference. Without the Phone List, I would have been digging through papers while trying to hold a flashlight to find the phone numbers I needed. Thank you. Mary W., Bangor, ME

It used to be that I was always forgetting something between juggling my job and the kids' school and sports schedules. A quick stop at the store would cost me time trying to remember what I needed. The Easy Errands ended that. Between knowing what I need and being able to schedule my stops, I don't feel so harried all the time. Your Easy Errands have saved me time and money. Thank you. Marcia S., Reading, PA